Mean Streets Witchcraft

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For the witch whose career confines them to an urban environment, regular Craft practice may often seem like a futile gesture, especially if home is a small, gardenless-flat.
Even the suburbs can be magically incapacitating, if there is constant noise from traffic and neighbours. People work long hours, often setting off for work and getting home again in the dark during the winter months, without having the opportunity to notice the subtle changing of the seasons. Weekends are a constant battle with family, domestic chores and socialising. It's no wonder that the urban witch has little time left for magical and spiritual development.

Mean Streets Witchcraft is a no holds barred approach to dealing with the constant barrage of psychic problems that confront the urban witch on a daily basis. Based on the teachings of a traditional Craft background, the author successfully manages to blend Old Ways with practical contemporary practice.

Author: Melusine Draco
143 pages

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