Orange Ceramic Spell Candle Holder

  • Model: CAH/orange spell candle holder
  • Shipping Weight: 45grams
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Designed for the discerning practitioner seeking both functionality and aesthetic allure in their ritual space. Crafted with precision and intention, our spell candles boast a slender 1cm diameter, perfectly complemented by our uniquely designed spell candle holders, measuring 1.8cm wide.

The intentional difference in size ensures a seamless and enchanting experience during your ritual work. As the spell candles burn, any drips or drops gracefully fall within the confines of the holder, preventing any mess and allowing you to focus entirely on your magical practice.

To achieve the coveted perfectly straight position for your spell candle, we've simplified the process for you. With just a touch of flame applied to the candle's bottom for 3-5 seconds, allowing it to slightly melt, you can effortlessly insert it straight down into the holder. Witness the magic unfold as the candle adheres securely, standing upright flawlessly, ready to illuminate your sacred space.

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