Money Drawing Oil
[O/DK/money drawing roll-on]


I have been using this oil on and off for about 2 years and I have to say when I am using it consistently it really does work. I have found the more grateful you are the more powerful it gets. I use this oil in the morning saying thank you to the oil and saying I am open to money coming to me effortlessly and abundantly and it very rarely fails me. This week I have won lotto, been sent vouchers for free food or makeup, and even been gifted unexpected money from family. My 6 year old is constantly finding gold coins and I am also finding money in pockets I have totally forgotten about (don't you love that) Deborahk is a powerful and wonderful lady for not only making this oil but for sharing this oil to help others. It really does work!!!! On the days it may be a bit slow I use these days to give something back, whether it may be buying a friend a coffee or some flowers or even donating to a charity fund. It can't always be about taking but this oil really does deliver. Sorry this is long but there is so much to write on it. :) Thanks Deb xx
Date Added: 08/21/2017 by Gina Kez
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