The Book of Wizardry

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So you want to be a Wizard...

It's not easy to become a Wizard, you know. Not easy at all.

The twenty-two closely guarded secrets to becoming a Wizard have never been revealed before, not in the whole history of Wizardry. I'm not sure I approve. Still, they've given me the job of teaching you, so that's what I'm going to do. By the time we've worked our way through this official handbook of the Wizards' Guild, you will have learned enough to participate in the "Wizard's Adventure," a test of your magical knowledge found within these pages. If you successfully complete the adventure and crack the code, you will become an accredited member of the Wizards' Guild.
But first, we've got a lot of work to do. You have to learn how to make your own Wand and Wizard's Tools, discover your Wizard's secret name, and switch on Wizard's Power. Oh yes, and read your future in the Wizard's Oracle, practice Star Magic, discover the better times to work magic, and lots more.

Author: Cornelius Rumstuckle
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